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Hi Rich
Thanks for the posting on LSIDs (but these were TDWG rather than GBIF
I'm toying with a post on the status and direction of our LSID work. We have
funded quite a bit of activity lately. 
At this stage, Stan, Roger and I are planning to talk with Andrew in London
about the TDWG-ZooBank work.
I also had a good chat with Paddy yesterday about the EoL-TDWG links and
have some very positive outcomes. I'm planning to catch up with Paddy when
he is Australia in April - probably at a LSID-policy workshop I'm funding.

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Dear Wolfgang,
These are very good points, and need to be considered carefully.  I attended
both GBIF workshops, and was also tasked with drafting promotional
documentation for biologists (here:
There are prototype LSID resolvers being developed for plant names (IPNI and
IF), and also by uBio, and I think ZooBank should follow their lead.  The
best source for information on what is happening with GUIDs in biodiversity
informatics overall is here:
And for information on specific prototyping activities, see here:
As to your second question, I believe the current priority is to move
ZooBank forward on a path towards prototyping, so that we in Zoology can get
cought up with what is happening at IPNI, IF, and uBio in terms of serving
LSIDs for names.  We will certainly need to spend a lot of time thinking
about how the next edition of the Code will need to be altered in the
context of all aspects of ZooBank (including GUID issuance); but I don't
think we can have a very productive discusson about that until after the
prototype is up and running, and people have a better understanding of how
the ZooBank registry might actually function.
The reason for drafting and distributing the "Guiding Principles" document,
is as a first step to defining the basic "shape" of ZooBank.  Soon to follow
will be a discussion on which specific data elements are necessary to
constitute a "verified" ZooBank record.  The hope is to get a lot of these
basic foundational issues sorted out in time for the IUBS meeting in May, so
that actual implementation of the prototype can begin immediately
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Dear All,
inclusion of the GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) issue in ZooBank seems to
be of high importance from the point of view of the eScience community, but
there seems to be considerable need for further promotion of the idea in the
broader community, isn't it? For example, in the second GUID workshop report
I found under "conclusions" that a "promotional documentation targeted
separately at managers, biologists and IT specialists is urgently

This situation generates a lot of questions, e.g., the following:
- is there already a prototype (LSID format) for a GUID applicable to names
governed by the Code?
- has it already been discussed what are the consequences for the new Code,
if GUIDs are to become part of it? (e.g., what about nomenclatural acts that
are currently not governed by the Code, like up- and downgradings in rank
within family-, genus-, species-group levels?)

Best wishes,
Wolfgang Lorenz, Tutzing, Germany

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