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To answer your specific question:

> - is there already a prototype (LSID format) for a GUID applicable  
> to names
> governed by the Code?

Yes there is. The TDWG standard TCS was passed in 2006 as an XML  
schema after much debate. We believe that it captured all that was  
necessary to communicate names data. With the advent of the use of  
LSIDs we have produced an RDF vocabulary based on this schema that is  
currently being used by IPNI and Index Fungorum to issue LSIDs for  

I have every confidence that this vocabulary is suitable for use by  
ZooBank either in its present form or with minor changes. It is also  
quite straight forward to extend the RDF metadata format to add any  
ZooBank specific material.

The important thing is that the same basic vocabulary is used for  
exchanging nomenclatural data governed by the different codes. A  
client application should not have to do something different to  
digest an ICZN binomial as opposed to an ICBN binomial.

You can have a look at the vocabulary here:


and here


http://www.ipni.org link from any of their plant records to a TCS-RDF  

This all forms part of a larger vocabulary effort that is described  


The names vocabulary is the most stable of the set of vocabularies  
but others will rapidly solidify as they are planned to be adopted  
projects over the next few months. Further documentation and a tidy  
up of the wiki are in progress.

I hope this help,

All the best,


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